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Apple’s iOS 14.5 is Here: How to Finish Preparing to Minimize Disruptions

Starting from the 27th of April Facebook has begun rolling out the new ad measurement protocols following the release of iOS 14.5: Apple’s SKAdNetwork API and Facebook’s Aggregated Event Measurement.

The release of iOS 14.5 will start requiring apps to obtain permission to “track” users across apps and websites owned by third parties for advertising and measurement purposes. This means that certain data collection will be prohibited unless people opt in.

Because of these iOS changes, Facebook will implement new protocols including Apple’s SKAdNetwork API and Facebook’s Aggregated Event Measurement. According to Facebook, “these protocols restrict, aggregate and delay reporting, while continuing to enable the measurement of campaign results, with limitations. Advertisers can expect to see changes in Facebook’s business and advertising tools set up, audience selection, delivery, measurement, and reporting. For example, if you’re an app advertiser, you’ll need to run iOS 14 mobile app install advertising within one ad account and will be limited to nine campaigns per app; and if you use web events to optimize and measure your campaigns, you will be limited to optimizing for no more than eight events on each domain that you own.”

How to Prepare:

  • Update to the Facebook SDK version 8.0 or above. You can find more details here.

  • Configure your app events for Apple’s SKAdNetwork to track and measure conversions of iOS 14 users.

  • Create iOS 14 app install campaigns considering the following limitations: one ad account per app, nine campaigns per app and five ad sets per campaign of the same optimization type.

Regarding measurement and reporting, some features such as long attribution windows will no longer be supported. More details about all the changes affecting measurement and reporting are described in this article from Facebook.

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